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Freemium version is here!

Freemium version is here!


WebCP has release its software in a Freemium version. Our freemium version is a full featured license with absolutely nothing excluded.

All our web hosting control panel features are enabled and you’ll immediately be able to set up your web hosting company and start adding client to the WebCP Web hosting control panel.

We allow a generous limit of 20 web hosting accounts before being required to sign up. This means that your web hosting business can be profitable before you need to spend money on a web hosting control panel.

For instance, if you charge your clients R30 / month for web hosting (about $2) and you sign up 20 clients, you’ll be earning R600 / month from your web hosting business (about $40) before needing to upgrade to a monthly license of R100 (about $7).

Register today and start adding WebCP’s web hosting control panel to your Centos 6 servers.

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