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Get WebCP

There are one of three choices to get WebCP:

  1. Register and get a license key and use our installer script below on a newly installed CentOS server
  2. Register and contact us about downloading a complete OpenVZ WebCP OS template. Ready to use
  3. Go to Infobahn.co.za and order their Reseller or VPS account. That comes with a free WebCP license

WebCP Installation Instructions (option 1)



Once you have met the above requirements, you’re more than half way there!
SSH into your server as root and run the following command from the command line:

cd /tmp && wget http://api.webcp.pw/downloads/install.sh && chmod 755 install.sh && ./install.sh && rm -fr /tmp/install.sh

Follow any prompts and you’re done! You will need an active license before it will work.