Get WebCP – Web Hosting Control Panel

WebCP Installation Instructions:


  • Newly installed minimalist version of Ubuntu 18.04 without nginx, apache, exim, mysql, etc installed
  • Root access via SSH
  • 45 minutes!


SSH into your server as root and run the following command:

cd /tmp && wget && chmod 755 && ./ && rm -fr /tmp/

Follow any prompts and you’re done!

You will need an active license before it will work. The free WebCP license is free for life with no limits on functionality, but it does limit you to three domain names (web hosting accounts).


Other ways to get WebCP Web Hosting Control Panel:

  1. Contact us to enquire about ordering a VPS hosting account directly from us. That comes with a free WebCP license
  2. Contact us if you would like us to install WebCP on your own server. It needs to be an Ubuntu server with nothing else on it and we require root access. This service cost R350 (about $30).